As we’re all watching more YouTube in shelter, I’ll continue to highlight the 10 Most Popular Videos of the Week.  Generally, excluding the Top 10 from last week so we surface fresh content.

#1: Veeva: The Biggest Vertical SaaS Success Story of All Time (a SaaStr Classic).  This one from 2017 Annual is really one of my favorite deep-dives with one of the top SaaS CEOs of all time.  Peter has a perspective on focus, risk and Really Big Deals we don’t often hear.

#2: “Making Trade-Offs In Marketing: What To Do, What to Pause with Meagan Eisenberg, CMO of TripActions“.  This was a great session from our recent SaaStr Summit: Bridging the Gap.  Meagan has been one of our top speakers at SaaStr and we asked her to talk about the tough tradeoffs a lot of us have to make right now in marketing, and in general.  The session and the open Q&A after were terrific.

#3: “Shifting Your Sales & GTM Strategy in Uncertain Times with Salesforce”.  Another top session from SaaStr Summit, senior leaders from Salesforce do a deep dive on how their sales processes have changed since shelter-at-home.  It’s really good.

#4: Growing & Scaling SaaS Businesses from $1M to $500M in ARR with Intercom.  A SaaS classic on how to build a unicorn.

#5: “The “Dos & Don’ts” of Building Winning SaaS Companies with G2 Crowd”.  Godard shares from data what scales and what doesn’t in SaaS.

#6. “How Top Sales Leaders are Adjusting Their Sales Process and More (an Open Discussion”.  The opening session from SaaStr Summit with the head of sales of Brex and Atlassian, on what’s changed and what hasn’t.

#7. “Going from $0 to $60M ARR in 4 Years with Podium CEO Eric Rea”.  A great session from SaaStr Europa.

#8. “CXO Real Talk: Evolving Experience During COVID-19 with Zuora, Zendesk and Nutanix”.  How are enterprise buyers and sellers adjusting to the New Normal?  2 top CXOs and 1 top Cloud CEO do a deep dive.

#9.  “From Burn-Out to $100M in ARR with Jason Cohen of WP Engine”.  Jason does a very honest and introspective session on burn-out, how to push through, and how to know when it’s time to bring in an outside CEO.

#10. “The Current State of Venture Capital and Cloud with Byron Deeter, Bessemer Venture Partners”.  We did this session right after Covid-19 hit, and a lot has changed just in the few weeks since then, but this is still a terrific discussion on what’s really happening in Venture Capital right now.


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