Top Cloud Stories of The Week: April 4, 2020

What have the 320,000+ readers of Cloud Daily on Quora been reading this week?

Here are the top stories of the week if you want to catch up:

#1: “SoftBank Abandons $3 Billion Deal With WeWork Investors”

#2: “Salesforce promises no ‘significant’ layoffs over the next three months, even with coronavirus spreading”

#3: “Tech billionaire Marc Benioff wants every CEO to take a ‘no layoff’ pledge as part of an 8-point plan to deal with coronavirus”

#4: “Notion, Maker of Collaboration Software, Raises $50 Million”

#5: “Microsoft brings Teams to Consumers”

#6:  “Selling tech to restaurants made Toast a $5 billion start-up — a month later, the coronavirus struck”



Published on April 4, 2020

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