Q: Why are tech-heavy companies shooting up in the stock market?

There are some mysteries no doubt, but not in Cloud / SaaS.

Cloud stocks are on fire since March 15 because since Covid-19, we are living in the Cloud:

  • We don’t fly. We Zoom.
  • We can’t get to the office. So we need RingCentral and Talkdesk and Five9 to talk to customers from home.
  • We can’t meet up as a team anymore. So we need more Slack and Atlassian and Smartsheet than before.
  • We can’t shop at stores anymore, or not nearly as much. So Shopify and Wix are on fire.
  • We can’t close deals in person anymore. So we need more Adobe Sign and DocuSign and more.

These are sad times. People are dying. The U.S. has 4m+ cases of Covid-19 as I type this.

And because we can’t do so many things together, we are living in the Cloud.  At least, tech companies are.  At least, the more privileged are.

That means revenue is way, way, way up for the Covid Beneficiaries here.

A bit more here: Why Covid-19 Has Been Great for SaaS VCs. Or at Least, Their Portfolios. | SaaStr

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