Q: What are some of the most common techniques used by salespeople?

In SaaS, I think the most common one I see is simply lying to a buyer that doesn’t know software.

I see this all the time:

  • For example, a little while back, someone on our events team bought a piece of software that the sales rep promised him integrated with everything in our stack. The website even said it did. But, it simply didn’t. Not even remotely. The integration list was … well … aspirational.
  • I often see demos to buyers that aren’t software-savvy that just skate around and hide feature gaps the prospects has asked about. You can wave your hands, hide a broken page, etc. and make it look like it does something. That it really doesn’t. At least, not that well.
  • I see reps pushing folks who control budgets into multi-year deals without even trying or piloting the product. That really hides so, so much. Too bad! You bought it! And we will send you to collections, or threaten to sue you, if you complain!
  • I see reps hiding cheaper and simpler editions from buyers that don’t have a good sense of what a product should cost.

Put simply, I see AEs seeing a “sucker” and then doing whatever it takes to close them. Telling them whatever it takes to close. Even if it’s the wrong product for them. Even if that feature isn’t really there, or really works right.

And I see it most when multi-year deals are involved. Because that’s when ripping a prospect off really pays off. For the rep. But almost certainly not for you. Not in the long run.

So try switching to monthly deals. And/or even on annual deals, allow prospects to cancel any time, for any reason. You owe that to them. They are trusting you.

Do this — and watch this behavior at least decrease.

A bit more here: Your Product Has to Be Easier to Buy Than to Use | SaaStr

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