Dear SaaStr: What are the best ways to improve your email response rate for a SaaS sales startup?

Slow it down.

Email is amazing. CEO, CXOs, VPs and more read their email. Including cold emails. They don’t pick up the phone anymore. They don’t listen to voicemail much anymore. They don’t care about your tweet. But they do read email everyday. All day long, in fact.


  • There is way too much spam & promotional email.
  • Stuff that goes into your Promotions tab is also never read.
  • So what about your email in particular.

The key is to slow it down. Write 10 personalized, well-researched emails a day to top potential prospects. Research those emails. Research the prospect. Propose a solution to their particular problem. Instead of 500 identical blasts in a cadence.

Blasts can work if you have a solid list. They work if you have a well-develop pipeline that needs regular drip marketing.

But don’t confuse drip marketing with high-quality prospecting. There are no shortcuts.

If you can solve a big problem for a CEO, she will open an email from you. But you have to do that.

Not ask for a coffee. Or 5 minutes of their time.

A bit more here:

(an updated SaaStr Classic answer)

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