We’re coming up on 30,000,000 total views on Quora.   I’ll share more learnings soon.
screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-2-48-17-pmI took a fresh look at the Top 9 SaaStr answers on Quora, and I think I learned a few things:

Basically, I re-learned:

  • Founders have anxiety over their compensation.  I should be more sensitive here.  I never cared.  I believe CEOs should pay themselves a fair salary as soon as the company can afford it — but not before.  But good to keep this more top of mind.
  • Founders have worried about how to get big customers.  Let’s continue to help.
  • Founders are suspicious of VCs and misalignment on compensation.
  • Founders are worried about competition.  This we knew.
  • Founders are worried they may be “too late” to start a startup.  You are only too late if you think you are.  Let’s discuss this more.
  • Founders get tired.  We all do.  We just pretend we don’t.  You can’t let them see you sweat, at least, not too much.  So we’re here to help you push through the wall at Year 5.

The more things change, perhaps, the more our core issues and concerns stay the same.   This list seems fairly timeless.

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