I think you can basically figure out everything together with a good Silicon Valley corporate attorney.

There’s price (you’ll understand this), the option pool (which impacts price) … a bunch of other blah blah terms … and then …

There’s control.

Watch out for control.

Dilution s***s.  But — the market sets the price.  It is what it is.

You can always issue more stock.  Up to a point, all that does is reduce your ownership a smidge, a bunch, or a lot.

But the one thing you can’t get back is control.  Once it’s sold … it’s gone forever.

Giving up one board seat isn’t giving up control.  And a board should be roughly proportionate to ownership.

But giving up the majority of the board seats certainly is giving up control.

Then — you’ll work for The Man.

Is that really why you did this?

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