Don’t do this. At least not for me, at least not IMHO.

It’s a negative.

A super warm intro is great:

“Jason, your good friend and past co-investor Linda here. ABC Corp is the best startup I’ve met with this year, because _____. I think you should meet.”

Also, a super great cold email is actually OK — if it’s amazing:

“Jason, Theresa here. You don’t know me, but I’ve been reading SaaStr since Day 1. I have an incredible AI/ML/Ethereum SaaS startup at $1m ARR, growing 16% MoM, amazing customers, 70 NPS and cash-flow positive with 11 great engineers from Palantir. We plan to dominate the world. I just need a little of your help getting there.” I will take that meeting immediately. No intro required. In fact, just walk over to the office now.


What is bad is a lukewarm intro, or a random connection intro. “Jason, I don’t know Micheal well, but …”

“Jason, a friend of mine asked me to connect Micheal with you. I haven’t actually met him, but …”

“Jason, I saw this company on the HBS Slack channel, and …”

Those never work out. They are worse than no intro at all.

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