We all know times are good in SaaS and Cloud — but just how good?  Is it all the big public cloud vendors and a handful of outliers?

No.  It really is almost everyone at SaaS that is at scale and has a winning brand.  Let’s take a look at a few:

It’s not quite everyone.  Some public SaaS companies that are less competitive than they used to be (e.g., New Relic), or had a stumble (e.g., Fastly), aren’t growing even faster.

But the majority are.  Most of whom didn’t get a magic boost from Covid like Zoom.  Many of whom really are more proxies for the web overall (Zendesk, everyone needs support) and SMBs using the web to run and scale their businesses (HubSpot).

Now is your time, folks.  It’s not just the Best of Times in SaaS.  It’s even better than it was just a quarter ago, let alone a year ago.

Make it so.

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