So I wanted to do a little weekly look at who in SaaS and Cloud is doing well.  These are tougher times for almost everyone than the Go Go Days of 2021. Budgets are being scrutinized, and even the best are growing more slowly in many cases.

But many are still doing well — as Cloud and SaaS spend continues to hit record levels.

So a quick look at who’s doing well this week:

#1.  Dynatrace: Growing 29% at $1.25 Billion in ARR.  Cybersecurity remains both hot and critical.

#2. HubSpot Growing 30% at $2 Billion in ARR.  Yes, down a bit from the epic growth rates of 2021, but still mighty impressive.

5 Interesting Learnings from HubSpot at $2 Billion in ARR

#3. Atlassian Growing 24% at $3.7 Billion in ARR, with 38% free-cash flow.  Mighty, mighty impressive.

#4. growing a stunning 50% at $640m in ARR.  I mean, wow.  And its $50k+ customers are growing an epic 75%.

Yes, it’s harder out there folks.  Customers do real work now before they buy.  Budgets have flattened in many cases.  But everyone is still buying software.  Even if not just as quickly as before.

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