I think Silicon Valley likes suits, and in general, getting “dressed up” a lot more than a few years ago.

In the “old” days (8–10 years ago), not wearing business clothes, let alone suits, was seen as a core part of the liberating, creative start-up process. It still is. And part of not working for “the man” and boring corporate culture.

But things have come full circle. Start-ups are no longer weird beasts, counter-culture, or even unusual. Today, start-up culture is not only mainstream, but (oddly) hip and cool.

And as we celebrate start-ups, there are more and more public occasions for founders and executives to be a “public face”.

And you want to look good when you are on stage in front of 1000s, or on TV.

The suit is one good way — if fitted. It’s designed, when properly fitted, to make you look taller and slimmer than you are. That alone almost makes them worth it for public appearances. Done right, they can also be dapper.

In any event, everyone’s getting dressed up more when they are “on stage” / in public, even if they still look grubby back in the office:

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