It’s an amazing time to join — for the right people:

  • DropBox will IPO, and you’ll get to be part of it. This is an amazing experience to go through, at least once.  Everyone that wants to have the full “start-up” experience IMHO should try to be at a start-up that IPOs, at least once, even if the economic returns to them personally are trivial.  It’s a key part of the Silicon Valley experience.
  • You’ll get RSUs (equity) with a certain value at the IPO.  You won’t make $100m.  But you’ll be able to see what you’ll make.
  • The company is going through a transition — which creates opportunity.  I’m not close to DropBox today, but it’s both going (x) more enterprise and (y) figuring out the post-file future.  That’s interesting.  It’s fun.  Stimulating.  And change creates opportunities to grow.
  • You can understand it.  Dropbox isn’t so complicated a product you can’t understand it.  For many people, this helps.
  • Great brand.  There are other good brands, too.  But having at least one great brand on your resume will help a lot down the road.

Not saying it’s right for everyone.  But a Unicorn at $400m+ in revenues / ARR that will IPO is a fun experience to have.  And with lots of change comes lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

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