Let me make a suggestion:

Get great at an email elevator pitch.

Many biases and prejudices seep into in-person VC pitches. If you don’t fit the mold, your odds go down. That’s not fair, or cool, or right. But it’s a fact. At least today.

But a great email elevator pitch can at least increase the odds.

What do I mean? Write an email that is amazing in describing the opportunity. Not crazy long. And not a teaser. What I mean is a 25–30 line, well organized email — with bullet points, metrics, etc. — that would make anyone want to invest. Perhaps even including links to back-up information and data if the VC wants in. Customer logos, burn rate, NPS, growth, market differentiation, strengths and weaknesses.

Then run it by everyone you know. Get feedback. Iterate.

And send the very best email you possibly can. With the very best subject line. To the VCs.

An email that doesn’t ask for coffee, or feedback. But stands on its own in describing a startup anyone would want to invest in.

This doesn’t eliminate all bias, or even most bias. But it eliminates some. And importantly, it starts the combination with your strengths (the data and vision in the email).

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