So we did a quick informal Twitter poll with 830+ votes, and 25% of you said you’re going back to the office now that San Francisco is allowing non-essential employees to return.

Density is capped in SF as it reopens offices, and safety policies must be followed.

But it’s already happened if you look a little further down the Peninsula.  Right now, SF offices are still empty.  But the secondary office of SaaStr is in downtown Palo Alto.  And the VCs are here, in the office.  They’re at work.  And each start-up in downtown Palo Alto at least seems to have the CEO and a few others inside.  Philz is pretty packed.  Most of the restaurants have tech folks you’ll see at lunch.

We’ll see how it goes.  There’s no vaccine.  There isn’t even a plan, really.

But expect folks in SF to start trickling back to the office soon.

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