These are challenging times, even for SaaS companies doing relatively well.  Shelter is getting tiring for many; it wears on us.  Communication gets strained.

I asked on Twitter for folks’ top tips for keeping morale up now, and got some great responses.  I thought I’d share some of them below:

“Lead by demonstrating the courage to be vulnerable. Show up honestly and authentically every day.” – J.D. Peterson, CMO Cultureamp

“Tell them you appreciate them” – Meagan Eisenberg, CMO Tripactions

“Close deals” – Nick Haase, Co-founder, Maintainx

“Empathy and compassion. Everyone is adjusting to remote work under really difficult circumstances. Acknowledge that and create space and an environment for people to be able to deal with that reality.” – Kurt Reilly, CEO, AwardSpring

“Hire people with same values, always tell the truth and consistently put your own personal needs after theirs. I’ve had team members for over 20 years.” – Rebecca Enonchong, CEO, AppsTech

“4-day work week” – Tushar Makhija, Airbase

“Team Recognition micro-app in Slack every other week. Asking peers (vs. managers) who did a good job in the last period creates incredible energy, sense of fulfillment and joy.” – Paolo Perazzo

“Growth heals everything” – Marcus Joachum CEO Hypcloud

“Listening, more frequent report about how we are doing, reminding everyone about mission.” – Margot Schmorak, CEO Hostfully

“Talking to customers. It’s validating and energizing in a time when uncertainty erodes both.” – Ben Collet, CX at Zendesk

“Surfacing positivity from customers worked wonders – a sentence or two from sales, support or personal convos shared in Slack is a solid reminder to everyone that what you do still matters” – Karl Kasper, cofounder, Klausapp

Hire the right people and trust they do the right thing + give proper space for mental health discussions openly by setting the example yourself” – Pim de Witte, CEO,

Respect & appreciation” – Carlos Serra, AudienseCo

Express gratitude to individuals for great work whenever possible. It can seem odd to be so intentional about gratitude, but it leads to deeper personal connections.” – Sean Byrnes, CEO OutlierAi

Connect with each person individually. Check on them and their circumstances. Be a resource if they need help. If they know you care about them, they’ll care about you. But that’s not why you should care, that’s a happy side-effect.” – Rand Rend, Rand Rend Art

Celebrate every win, no matter how small” – Andrew K Kirk, CRO CitySourced

Give people the time they deserve for working their asses off” – Jake Stott

“Not being the only one who feels responsible for it.” – Robi Ganguly, CEO Apptentive

Accept there is very little we can control during these times” – Pablo Carvello, CEO Tolbytools

Say “this sucks.” Don’t try to be overly positive when it’s not positive. Sanitized language is gross. Then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Show you are down in the trenches.” – Saura Johnson, AE Easypost

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