At Atlassian, openness is core to everything the company does: employees can access most information on Confluence; “open company, no bullshit” is one of the company’s five values. But it can be risky. Atlassians knew the company was going public four months before it filed. Some would say that that level of openness is unnecessary, but Atlassian believes that trust and honesty are essential to maintaining the culture its worked so hard to build.

This is SaaStr’s Founder’s Favorites Series. Every Thursday we share one of SaaStr Annual’s best of the best sessions that you might have missed. After all, you should be able to be where the cloud meets from wherever you may be listening. Stay tuned for our next Founder’s Favorites episode: March 28.

This podcast is an excerpt of Jay’s session at SaaStr Annual 2019.

Missed the session? Here’s what Jay talks about:

  • What is driving growth in the cloud?
  • Does collaboration help founders drive growth forward?
  • How do you scale an open culture?

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Jason Lemkin
Jay Simons

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