I’m extremely grateful Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital and Mathilde Collin, CEO of FrontApp, dropped by to kick off our first official Speaker Series at the new SaaStr CoSelling Space.  We had over 200 founders, VCs, and more attend the craft cocktails before and the informal discussion.

The full video is above, and it’s pretty darn good.

A few take-aways for me:

  • Mathilde got 3 terms sheets for her $10m+ Series A in 36 hours.  But key to that was building the VC relationships ahead of time.  How do you do that?  Listen and learn.
  • Investors want to believe.  Point Nine invested, and it was a bit late stage / price for them.  But Christoph believed, and wanted to do it anyway.  Why is that?
  • Authenticity.  Mathilde knows what she knows, and what she doesn’t know.  No baloney.
  • Going upmarket.  Some great stories in here in driving to six figure deals.
  • Not needing money.  Mathilde raised when she was ready — but didn’t actually need the money.  Most of the money she raised after YC was still in the bank.  Timing matters.  Hear her thoughts.

It was a great discussion among old friends.

Take a watch/listen.


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