Build a unicorn.

I had two good “exits” and have had some measure of success. I built products that have saved hundreds of lives in one case and created and defined a category in another. I built amazing relationships I cherish for life. We did amazing things. I got to live my dream to be a successful start-up founder, not once, but twice.

But both times, I sold earlier. I made rational decisions, I got good deals, I took risk and got rewards. But … I wish I’d built a unicorn.

Almost every day.

And I can see how I could have. Or maybe, a CEO just 10% better than me could have. It was just an extra VP, an extra push that I needed. A better mentor. Maybe, someone great that really believed in me at the right times. One more strong VC. That was all I needed. And maybe, a slightly different time. 2011 was a long time ago.

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