Are there more startups now than ever before?'


In SaaS — on my goodness, yes.

In ’05-’06 literally every SaaS start-up knew each other.  Salesforce could fit us all into one small ballroom for an event.  I think I knew every SaaS CEO personally in that cohort.  I didn’t.  But it felt that way.

By ’07-’08 the numbers seemed to have gone up 10x.

Today, the number of SaaS start-ups seems infinite, and more importantly, the number that have even achieved $1m ARR feels to be in the 1000s.

As a result, it’s harder to break out, and the bar has gone up.

But …

The markets are bigger than ever.  So … when you hit it, you can really hit it big.  And grow faster than ever.

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Published on March 20, 2016

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