Aside from Colonel Sanders who made his fortune at 73 can you tell me of any start-up companies that the CEO was over 60 yrs old and became a multi-millionaire?

I don’t have a definitive list, but 2 that are interesting to me in The Internet:

Neil Clark Warren, CEO of eHarmony.  I believe he was ~65 when he founded eHarmony in 2000.  He took nine figures out in cash, retired … and then came back as CEO again in ’12.  Bad arse.

Dave Duffield, co-CEO (and then Chairman) of Workday.  Ok, he was already a billionaire or so from Peoplesoft.  But co-founded at 60+.  Bad arse, again.

Both had a lot of domain expertise in their space … they weren’t starting from scratch 🙂

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Published on October 18, 2015

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