I think it showed he’s human.

The questions about e.g. gross margin — which you can just read and know and don’t need to ask the CEO about — and others are filler questions. They try your patience. Many really sort of are seemingly “stupid” questions that ask about information already released, but are really designed to get the CEO to inadvertently say something a little more than intended.

They do try your patience, these endless questions that just ask about things already in the press releases and public data. But part of the job of the CEO is to put up with it.

Things are challenging at Tesla right now. They are way behind on the Model 3, and burning tons of cash. There’s turnover on the senior team. Elon had to send out a memo clamping down on expenses, and personally approving many.

It’s challenging times. We all get stressed a bit it turns out. Even Iron Man. Even the greatest entrepreneur of our age. It gets to all of us. And sometimes, the passionate among us, do vent a bit. We know we shouldn’t. But once in a while, we need to anyway.

Tesla Switching To 24/7 Shifts To Push For 6,000 Model 3s Per Week By June, Elon Musk Says

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