Dear SaaStr: How Do You Respond to a VC Who Says They Don’t Invest in Your Space?

You move on.

They almost certainly don’t invest in your space, at least not as your stage, with your risk profile, etc.

-> At a higher level, you basically can’t convince a VC to invest in a space, an idea, a startup they genuinely aren’t interested in. Save your energy.

Way too many founders send 2, 5, 10 emails after a “No” trying to convince a VC to invest.  Don’t bother. 

Instead, just ask them if there’s interest in getting added to your investor updates.  If they say Yes, drop them into your monthly or quarterly updates you do for potential investors.  A drip campaign to them is always a good idea.

More here:

VCs That Say “No” Now Really Might Say “Yes” Later. Here’s Why.

(Yes No image from here)

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