Q: Dear SaaStr: How Much Outbound Revenue Should a SDR/BDR be Generating at a Mid-stage Enterprise SaaS Startup?

A high performing SDR at a mid-sized deal size will:

  • Set up 15–20 qualified meetings per month, 20 for the best
  • Leading to $2m in closed businesses over the year from those 180–240 meetings.

That’s how the SDR math generally works in a high-performing SDR team.  Aim for that for your top performers, bringing in $2m in business per SDR over the course of a year.

It’s still worth it though in most cases if you can achieve half of that, i.e. 10+ qualified meetings per month and $1m+ in closed revenue over the course of the year. That’s enough if you can get there on average in most cases.

And those meetings should come fairly fast, even if the deals themselves take a while to close.  If it’s not working, if a new SDR team isn’t getting those meetings set — something is probably off.  At a minimum, help them.  Read the emails.  Listen to the Gongs (if there are any).  You’ll know better than they will if you’d take the meeting.

A bit more here:

Outbound Always Works. If You Do It Right. And You Put In The Time.

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