So a number of folks, including Mixmax to many others on LinkedIn, picked up that SaaStr’s newest Partnership Manager (really an SDR with a different spin), Mike Wander, booked 90 meetings in his first 90 days.  That led to $1m in closed revenue.

Pretty incredible, and something a lot of us can learn from as you begin to build out your first outbound teams.

Even better, our own Poya Osgouei put up a great Uncharted podcast doing a short (10 minute) deep dive on how Mike did it, and what he learned.  Definitely a good listen.

Most importantly, please note that while Mike was an incredible learner and attacked the role with gusto, he had great support, both from his manager and predecessor in the role (who booked $2m worth of meetings in his first year), and his ultimate leader, our VP of Sales.  And he did have a brand backing him (SaaStr), which is different from prospecting without a brand.  So while there is a lot to learn from here, bear in mind even on a tiny team (SaaStr is only 10 folks), you still need to support folks and train them somehow.

The deep dive here:

Uncharted Podcast #133: From Marine Corps to Sales and Why It’s all About Soft Skills When Starting Out as an SDR ft Mike Wander

Listen to this week’s episode below via Spotify, Apple Podcast or on the web

Mike Wander is a New Partnership Manager at SaaStr and Marine Veteran. He has deployed to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia before making his career transition into Sales. At SaaStr, Mike is helping founders and executives scale their companies to 100 Million in Revenue with more fun, and less stress.

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