Should you disclose SaaS price on your website or not? Why?'


There are many debates around the pro and cons of transparency pricing.

Certainly, if you are selling a $500k+ ACV product, there’s probably no need to have transparent pricing, and plenty of downside.

And if you are selling a $5/month product, the last thing you want is tons of friction in the sales process with customers just wanting to learn how much it costs.

As time goes on, I think maybe we are over-indexing on non-transparent pricing though. Salesforce doing a nice hybrid. The pricing is sort of transparent. It’s right there, although it doesn’t really reflect the total amount with discounts and other products you might exactly be paying.

At least it starts a conversation at the high end, and provides context and anchoring. And at the low end, you know pretty much what it costs.

If Salesforce can do this, maybe “Contact Me” without any pricing context isn’t necessarily the way to go.

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Published on May 8, 2018
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