The bottom line: you need to do it all.

Let’s look at Slack Enterprise (i.e., Grid).

Logos? Check. Even Slack needs them.

Testimonials and Case Studies? Check.

Whitepapers and Security Backgrounders? Check.

Compliance certifications? Check.

If Slack felt the need to do it all, even with its unparalleled growth and brand … you gotta do it all, too.

The good news? Plenty of people know how to do this. Hire a seasoned VP of Product Marketing, or just a plain seasoned VP of Marketing, and she or he can do 90% of this.

You need all the traditional assets to help your sales team sell, and to help your funnel be most efficient — at least over time. Webinars, case studies, white papers, credentials, logos, compliance, testimonials, booths at the key industry events … all of it.

Do what you can now, what is easier. Map out the rest. And hire a VP of Marketing to take it over for you.

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