Trick or treat? It’s almost Halloween and as tempted as we are otherwise, we will share some treats this week. With only four months left to go until SaaStr Annual 2020, we’re already looking at an awesome speaker line-up this year. Team SaaStr wants to make sure you know about all the great content that’s on tap so here are just a few to add to your list.

In case you haven’t snagged your ticket yet, CLICK HERE and get one now! We’ll be back at the San Jose Convention Center, March 10-12th, 2020.

The Unicorns 🦄 (and Prenicorns 🐴)

Though our second day of the event is focused on mythical creatures of all kinds, you’ll find that there are unicorns hiding in our agenda every day this year. Here is a glimpse at just a few of our standout unicorns.

So, how do you choose amongst the stable of unicorns? Well, we did the heavy lifting and highlighted a few here for you…

Marianna Tessel, Intuit CTO + Cathy Polinsky, Stitch Fix CTO + Robin Ducot, Survey Monkey CTO

We’re especially excited about this all-star, CTO panel from three publicly traded companies. Marianna Tessel is the CTO of Intuit, Robin Ducot is the CTO of SurveyMonkey and Cathy Plinsky is the CTO of Stitch Fix. Hear from three female engineering leaders on what it takes to build and scale an organization, especially when keeping those changes with customers in mind.

The Accelerators 🚀

Shawna Wolverton, Zendesk SVP of Product

Shawna Wolverton is Zendesk’s SVP of Product. Prior to her time at Zendesk she was CPO at Planet and spent 14+ years at Salesforce leading product. While there she led Salesforce’s next-generation user interface migration, “Lightning”. Her focus is on making sure products being built serve the needs that companies actually need. Hear from her on what you should really keep in mind when designing and building a product.

Kristen Habacht, Atlassian/Trello Global Head of EDR Sales

“I came from a background which emphasized using traditional sales tools and resources. Often their clunky nature and inordinate amount of required fields meant no one used them, which effectively defeated the entire purpose!” Kristen Habacht is the Global Head of EDR Sales at Atlassian (Trello). Kristen believes that a lot of sales history is oral history so pull up a chair and whip out your notebook to take down some of the learnings she’s had in her time at Trello and before that Acceleprise, Heavybit and Awareness Technologies.

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