So years ago on SaaStr, I wrote a post on how everyone in your company should do customer support once a month.  I learned this from Intuit, brought it back to my startup, and forced everyone to do it.  Even engineering, which at first strongly resisted.

More on that here:

Everyone in SaaS Needs to Do Customer Support. At Least Until You Have 50-100 Employees. But Ideally, Forever.

I still believe this is a best practice.  It forces folks not just to listen to customers, often for the first time, but to actually go solve their problems!

Do it.  But it can add some stress when team members have to answer chats and calls but can’t solve the problems. This is easier to implement if they sit next to (virtually or IRL) a customer support lead and really handle the questions together.  Not hard to implement, but it does take a decent amount of organization as well as help from support.

Second best, and easy to literally implement this week is this:  circulate a random bunch of Gong / Salesloft / ZoomInfo / Whatever App You Use To Record Zooms customer and prospects calls to — everyone on the team.  Every week.  And have everyone write up their learnings from one of them and share them back.

I’ve found that while sharing Gong calls is very common in certain departments, and with managers and reports, almost no companies do this simple exercise and share them every week … with everyone.  And gently force folks to actually listen (you have to do this).  The write-up forces them to listen.

It’s always an eye-opener, and so often leads to substantial change and awareness around why folks are building what they are building.  Why feature gaps really matter. And just so much more.

It creates magical insights and alignment.

Try it.

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