So Gong has a new report on Sales Talent and there’s some good data in here.

It’s got the data to back up a lot of things you probably know or suspect, but with a few surprises:

  • Reps that don’t believe they can meet their quota are looking for another job.  We know this, but perhaps don’t always spend enough time here.  You want 70%+ of your reps hitting quota:

  • Reps that don’t get enough coaching and training are looking for new roles. A good reminder of how important training is for reps 3-300 at least.  More here.
  • Reps that believe in their startup — stay.  We think about this a lot as founders, and we should.   Most great founders keep the team aligned on the big prize, and keep them believing.

  • And to me, the most important take-away: top performers, those hitting 120% attainment, don’t leave for more money.  Or a better mission.  They leave for a better boss #2, or #1, for a promotion.

You have to promote as many as you can.  Even stretch the number of managers you can have.  And you have to try to source 50% of your managers from within.  More on that here:

Time To Staff Up Your First Directors and Managers? Hire Half. And Promote Half.

And a great session from Sam Blond, CRO of Brex, on how to help your reps achieve that 70%-80%+ quota attainment here:

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