The team at PlatoHQ is putting on a great event at the SaaStr CoSelling space next week around engineering growth and career paths.

It’s not an official SaaStr event — it’s their gig — but these events they do are of extremely high quality, and very well attended.

They are great for folks in engineering leadership, folks that need mentorship in engineering … and also a great chance for CEOs and founders to meet truly great engineering leaders!

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Why should you come?

Whether you’re an engineering manager wondering what next step you should take in your career, or an executive looking to improve the engineering career ladder in your company, this event is for you!

Top managers from Netflix, Stripe, Medium, Checkr and Zoosk will give you insights on the career ladder in their companies and answer any question you may have about stepping up your career or setting up the career ladder in your company.


  • 5:00pm-5:45pm: Networking and cocktails
  • 5:45pm-6:30pm: Keynotes and Q&A sessions
  • 6:45pm-7:15pm: Interactive panel
  • 7:15pm+: Dinner and networking
  • 7:30pm-8:30pm: VIP workshop

Our speakers

  • Randall Koutnik, Sr UI Engineer at Netflix. Randall gave a highly appraised talk last year at the Lead Tech conference in London on the same topic.
  • Sushma Nallapeta, Senior Director of Engineering at Zoosk. Sushma is an incredible mentor at Plato, and we’re very happy that she accepted to come again as a speaker to one of our events. Sue played an important role in simplifying the layers of management and clarifying the dual career path at Zoosk.
  • Brian Zotter, Engineering Lead at Medium. Brian is a new mentor at Plato. Medium recently published its Growth Framework, which defines professional development of Medium’s engineering team. Brian will share what it’s like from the inside.
  • Raylene Yung, Head of Payments at Stripe. We’re very happy to have a representative of a company that’s known for its unique engineering culture.
  • Tomas Barreto, VP of Product and Engineering at Checkr. Tomas is a valued mentor at Plato, and has been VP Engineering at, Box and now Checkr.

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