By getting 10.

The first 10, usually we get through chutzpah. By hacking it. By hustle. By sheer force of will. By great PR. By growthacking. By content marketing. Whatever it takes.

10 aren’t enough. But 10 Unaffiliated Customers are enough to be statistically significant.

From there, you can make A Plan. How can I do that 10x all over again, the same way? That gets you to 100.

At 100, you’re ready for a real process. With 100 customers — you now know the template and the pattern. You can break the 100 into usage types, customer size segments, industry verticals, etc.

With that segmentation — now you know how to get to 1000.

By focusing your time proportionately on the segments and usage patterns that make the largest % of the 100 most successful.

You get from 100 to 1000 by doubling-down on what’s working. And not getting distracted.

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