How can I build an actual countdown/timer to trigger urgency for an action for my sales team, once a prospect signs up to our SaaS?'


Sure add a timer. But you need teeth.

The simplest hack to take away the lead. Period:

  • Set up an SLA or two.
  • E.g., The lead needs to be contacted within 2 hours or the lead is routed to a different rep. And doesn’t come back.
  • E.e.g., The lead then also needs to get a demo within 1 week or the lead is routed to a different rep. And doesn’t come back.

Etc. etc.

Take away the lead.

Key to this is setting up a dedicated rep that takes all the leads that aren’t followed up with promptly. This can be a great proving ground for new, less experienced reps.

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Published on January 4, 2017

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  1. Hi Jason, another workaround is using LeanData. LeanData automatically routes leads to their matched account owners. From there, triggers can be automatically set up that say “if lead has not been contacted within X amount of time, re route”. With the rules already set up in the backend, no ongoing maintenance is necessary. Some companies using LeanData’s technology include SalesLoft,, BetterWorks and more. They continue to use leads!

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