The “easiest” way to make $1m+ is to join the best pre-nicorn start-up you can at the moment in time when you can get the most risk-adjusted equity.

If you are a very seasoned executive, this is often just before an IPO, or just before a big Unicorn round. Get a ton of stock as SVP of XYZ at a “startup” worth $1b+ that is killing it is one “simple” way.

Assuming you aren’t That Guy, if you can reproduce that at an earlier stage, it’s the “easiest” way to potentially make $1m.

Join as a VP right after the latest venture round where you can still come in as a VP. If you can’t do that, join as a Director at the latest venture round you can. If you can’t do that, join as one of the first 10 or 20 employees, and one of the Most Important 5 or 6, at the best start-up you can.

Odds are still against you in all but the first scenario, but you can start to see the Math to A Million in any of these scenarios.

Most other scenarios, the odds of you making $1m unless the company ends up being worth $10b-$20b+ are relatively low. There just isn’t enough to go around, odd as that may sound, once there are 1000+ employees and 5+ venture rounds.

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