How difficult is it to fundraise in July/August?

Well Auren Hoffman’s answer is amazing and textbook. Just read that.

Let me add one nuance:

If you are fundraising in July / August, maybe just be less dogmatic.

If you are pitching a larger firm, with a non-managing partner, it may indeed be hard to get a deal done fast. When the managing partner is in Greece.

The top partners can always get a deal done whenever they want, period. But the folks just below that level do need to socialize deals more. And even in small firms, consensus is often important. Even in 2 partner firms, often they won’t do a deal unless both partners agree.

I can do a deal myself in 20 minutes.

But …

If you de-pressure the situation by saying we’re raising over “the next few months,” you may be able to get the best of both worlds. If the partner wants to do the deal — she’ll find a way. She’ll hack vacations and schedules and find a way to get the deal done. She just may need a little more time in late Summer, that’s all.

And .. you may be able to take advantage of a window when everyone else isn’t fundraising.

And also …

Not lose a shot just because partners are on Holiday.

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Published on June 20, 2017

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