I think at this point in time, the products are far more similar than different. Convergent evolution across 1000s of customers large, medium and small over more than a decade. The current paradigm is also very mature at this point. Innovation is mostly at the edges — for now.

So .. you are really betting on which vendor is the better partner for you:

  • One is a pure play, which has many attractions.
  • The other is one of the most established software companies on the planet in the space, with unlimited resources, that has launched an even deeper commitment to the segment as the revenues have crossed into nine figures.

Neither is going anywhere, going out of business, or exiting the space for a decade or more. Both process hundreds of millions or more of transactions reliably and effortlessly for the largest companies in the world.

Different customers will get different advantages from each. But most will really pick at this point based on the vendor, not the features.

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