Ok we’re really gearing up for the 2019 SaaStr Annual this year.  It will be, by far, the biggest ever — but without some of the massive, packed-ness we had in the past.  We’re moving to the San Jose Convention Center and the adjacent buildings for 350%+ of the space of last year!  And we’re adding a ton more mentoring, including a dedicated AMA stage.  If you haven’t been before, there are now a handful of discounted “first timer” tickets — go grab one!

It will cost us close to $10,000,000 (!) to put on the Annual this year, so after our big thanks to our 12,000+ attendees, our next biggest gratitude goes to our sponsors.  We literally could not do it without them.  Tickets don’t come close to covering the cost of attendance.

So a BIG shout out this year to 4 of our favorite products and companies — Intercom, Zoom, Google Cloud and Gainsight!

Intercom:  As long-time SaaStr readers know, we’ve been Intercom fans since the earliest days.  Karen Peacock, their COO was our #1 highest rated speaker last year, and Eoghan McCabe, CEO, has been a crowd favorite at a ton of events, including most recently our spring soiree.  Check them out below.  Also — we love Intercom and use it at SaaStr every day.  We close business using it and make our website visitors happier.  That’s what it’s all about.


Zoom:  We use Zoom everyday at SaaStr, and you probably do too.  More importantly, Eric Yuan is simply one of our very favorite SaaS CEOs.  After serving as VPE at WebEx, he decided to do it all again, as a solo founder.  Burning almost no cash, he quickly scaled to $100m ARR and became one of the most beloved products we use every day.  And the best part is, he did it in a category we all thought was mature, a race-to-the-bottom, and “done”.  It turned out, the category wasn’t done.  It was just ready to be re-made.

Check out our past Annual session with Eric here, and we’re thrilled to have him back for 2019!

Google Cloud.  Google Cloud has done an incredible job being an entrepreneur-first cutting edge platform to build your SaaS product on top of.  We hope to get Diane Green as a speaker soon, and take a look at our past session with CMO Alison Wagonfeld here:

We are looking forward to working much more closely with Google Cloud.  Come meet Google Cloud and learn why they have the cutting edge platform to build and scale your apps on and with!

Gainsight:  As you know, Gainsight and SaaStr have been BFFs since Day 1.  Customer Success has been core SaaStr content since Day 1, and as the category leader, Gainsight has had great alignment with us going back 6 years!! (wow) . CEO Nick Mehta helped us MC and moderate the very first SaaStr Annual, and 2 years back, we had a SaaStr half-day at their user conference, Pulse.  We also did a terrific session with their CMO and Aaron Levie, CEO of Box at the 2017 Annual.

Come get all your burning questions to Customer Success answered at the Annual. Gainsight will be dishing out the advice!

And look for a lot more on our other amazing partners, coming soon!

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