Of course.

But to really go the distance — I do think you need to be young at heart.

I’ve founded 2 successful venture-backed start-ups, 1 self-funded “events/media” company, and 1 venture firm. I also served as a VP at 2 venture-backed start-ups before that.

At this point, what I do know is that it’s tough — for me. I think I am too “old” now to do another start-up. Not because of my chronological age. But because after all this … it’s harder to suspend disbelief. It’s harder to get on a jet to New Jersey or Toronto — for a day trip. It’s harder to take time away from my family. It’s harder to give up everything to make it happen. It’s harder to eat the terrible food on the road and not get enough exercise. It’s hard to do all the dinners. It’s harder to care about every single person that works for you (although I still do) — it just takes its toll.

I don’t think >age< matters. I have no idea how old any of the founders I’ve invest in are, but they ranged from mid-20s to late-40s at the time of first check, is my guess. I’d be happy to fund founders much older.

But not once your state of mind is too “old” to do something truly crazy.

I think it’s tough then to really do something that could be huge.

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