Unclear, but what is clear is he’s one of the best angel investors in the world.

Being a great VC requires owning large enough stakes in companies to generate a high enough return of a large amount of capital.

Does Bezos own enough of these companies to have a material impact on his personal net worth? Unclear, given the huge market cap of Amazon.

But, the “multiple”, the absolute return on his investments are probably better than almost anyone on the planet.

The best CEOs have the best access to the best angel investments. The best founders practically beg them to invest in their rounds. No VCs have this, not really, not one.

But owning 0.5% or 1% of a company is not the same as owning 20%. And owning 0.5% or 1% of a company isn’t being a VC. It’s being an angel.

My guess is his multiple of invested capital is one any VC short of Chris Sacca would give anything to have.

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