It’s actually sort of impossible to know.

On the one hand, we clearly get more “views” on Quora than on our blog, our podcast, etc.

Quora also has been amazing for generating a specific type of content (“How should I _____”) that has performed amazingly (shockingly?) well for me / us.

On the other hand, most of what really drives revenue and direct engagement for SaaStr is our newsletter, which now has 30,000 subscribers. Right now — probably because we aren’t very good at this — the only way we get newsletter subscribers is via our blog.

There’s no practical way to drive email subscribers on Quora that really works.


So yes it’s super important 🙂 and I am the biggest Quora fan you will find.

But it’s interesting that some of the benefits are indirect when you use someone else’s platform … or at least, they become less measurable and more indirect.

We’ll have a $12,000,000 budget for the 2018 SaaStr Annual and related activities. Our Quora followers will play a critical role. But they won’t directly pay the bills.

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