If you are in SaaS you should go to Dreamforce.  The simple reason is it’s the largest SaaS gathering on the planet.  The SaaStr Annual will be a distant second in ’16 (and the largest non-vendor gathering).  But you need to go to Dreamforce if you can.

There are a couple of ways to do it, including one new one:

  • There’s a full ticket, where you get to go to all the sessions.  Worth it, especially if you are in Salesforce ecosystem or might be.
  • There’s a free Expo pass, and this is the most amazing deal in SaaS, especially if you work in the Bay Area.  Yes, you get to go to basically no sessions.  But you can go to every booth and learn and see every major vendor in SaaS.  And you can see what it’s like running your own A+ event.  And you can meet amazing people.  And sneak into parties.   It’s FREE.  Do it.  Even if you never plan to do a Salesforce integration or care.  Because Salesforce is the largest SaaS company on the planet.   By far.  So — copy what works!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.23.24 PM

It’s the first year but it looks pretty awesome and I’ll be speaking and there all day, the speakers are A+, and first time events are always interesting and fun.  More on the event here.

Please come — and come by.

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