Q:  What is a strategy you have employed as a software company to keep sales up during COVID-19?

My favorite strategy, looking across my portfolio of investments, is not charging customers that right now are struggling.

We did a deep dive on how this turbocharged Gorgias’s growth here, and there are many other examples I’ve seen, as well:


You want customers for life. If their revenue is way down now since Covid-19 hit, maybe just keep them. Even if they can’t pay as much, or even anything for a little while. You can monetize them again later, once their revenue is back up.

Mixmax, as another example, expanded their Free offering since Covid-19 hit … making it Free-er … and didn’t take any revenue hit:

It probably won’t even really cost you much in the short-term. And it likely will make you more in the medium and long term.

Haven’t seen this strategy fail yet.

And finally, while we aren’t all at Slack’s scale yet … you can see from our recent interview with Stewart Butterfield that their Free plan has been on fire. And it’s led to more revenue … not less.

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