I don’t think so. Not until the paradigm changes.

Here’s why.

Quora has a unique combination of:

  • The largest on-point audience, and
  • By far — by far — the best feed / algorithm / discovery software.

Reddit has a larger audience, as do other properties. But Quora probably has the largest audience for its “segment” (whatever that is) of knowledge seekers.

And Reddit and maybe others have not and probably cannot build the dynamic feed Quora does. This is a very, very hard engineering program. (It is not a coincidence the founder of Quora is from Facebook).

The key to Quora at scale is millions of individuals getting pushed no-2-feeds-are-alike, high quality feeds that surface highly interesting and relevant information to them.

Look at your LinkedIn feed? It’s OK — but boring. The quality isn’t a 1/10th of Quora’s. Other Q&A sites? Not as well tailored. Forums like Stack Overflow etc hack this by having segmented topics. That’s OK, but it’s not Quora.

Look at email newsletters you subscribe to? Some are good, but everyone gets the same thing, more or less. Perhaps some minor segmentation of content, but that’s about it.

Everyone’s Quora Digest is unique to them, and pretty good. The Quora Digest alone is probably the most highly tailored newsletter on the planet.

Quora is solving a much harder problem at scale. It feels almost better than Facebook in some ways.

This is difficult to catch.

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