I generally recommend every startup I invest in and/or work with have at least one administrative assistant of some form (in-house or virtual) for each ten employees.

Why? You need leverage on your time.

  • Your CTO staying at home for a cable modem appointment? No good.
  • Your CEO stuck at the Toyota dealership waiting for service? Terrible use of time.
  • Your Head of Marketing waiting for a delivery and missing half a day in the office?

And internal stuff:

  • Your engineers doing administrative work when they could be coding.
  • Expensive resources answering phones, updating websites, social media, etc.
  • Worst of all: once you have a real office, not having an office manager. So the core team is constantly taxed with small but time consuming office issues.

etc. etc.

Technology and tools can help a lot. We don’t need receptionists and phone picker-upers much anymore. But there are limits.

Get (relatively) inexpensive leverage on expensive time.

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