There are times when I do almost regret starting 3+ companies and institutions:

  • When I see folks leaving the office at the end of the day without a worry.
  • When I see parents on the weekend, and I can see they only see the smiles in their children’s eyes … and aren’t constantly thinking and worrying about work.
  • When I see folks that truly decompress.
  • When family comes second, even though it comes first.

Not sure as a founder you really get any of that. Not after things take off, at least. Not once the engine is going. Every year, you have to close even more than the last year, and in the early years, even more than all the prior years combined. It’s close to all consuming. At least for mental mindshare.

It’s a big trade-off. It’s just, we are wired that way. So we push through.

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