About the strongest in the history of Forever.

Between Dropbox’s huge debut, Mulesoft’s $6b+ acquisition right after its IPO, Okta’s impressive IPO, and the recent filings for Zuora, Docusign, Pluralsight, Smartsheet, etc. … times could hardly be much better, even with the modest market pullback of late.

There are many more great candidates at $150m-$200m+ in ARR that will file a bit later too, from Qualtrics to Apttus to Github to SurveyMonkey to Slack 🙂 etc.

Add that to the impressive performance of Atlassian, Coupa, Twilio and other IPOs from 1–2 years ago, and it’s The Best of Times for SaaS IPOs.

And the folks that have been public for just a little while longer, from Hubspot to Zendesk to Box to Ringcentral etc., are all on paths to $1b+ in ARR and have grown into $3b-$5b+ valuations. That gives the market a ton of confidence as well.

Utah Education Software ‘Unicorn’ Pluralsight Has Filed Confidentially For An IPO

Yes, it could get even better. Multiples are not at an all-time high. But boy, times are good.

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