Welcome to Episode 48! Michael Litt is the Founder & CEO of Vidyard, the video intelligence platform that allows you to create, measure and strengthen engagement of your video content. Vidyard are based in Canada and have raised over $60m in VC funding from the likes of Battery Ventures, Bessemer, SoftTech VC, Salesforce Ventures–some incredible names there, and the list goes on. I would like to say a huge thanks to Matt Garratt from Salesforce Ventures for making the intro.

Michael_LittIn the show with Michael we discuss:
How did Michael come to found Vidyard, described by Paul Graham as ‘The Google For Business’?
How does Michael assess value-based pricing and how have his views transitioned with the growth of Vidyard?
What does Vidyard’s internal sales organization look like? How does Michael look to optimize this structure?
How does Michael view the utility of the freemium model? What are the inherent advantages and
disadvantages that need to be considered?

In a round we call the 60 Second SaaStr, we also hear:
Productivity tips and tricks.
Cool hobbies, what are they?
Fave SaaS material?

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