Welcome to Episode 59! Michael Cardamone is the Managing Director of Acceleprise, a SaaS-focused accelerator based in San Francisco and backed by leading operators. He is also an advisor to and angel investor in early stage SaaS companies. Prior to Acceleprise, Michael was one of the first 30 employees at Box in a business development role and then led partnerships at an EdTech company called AcademixDirect. Thanks to Anthony Kennada for making the introduction today. michael_cardamone

In today’s episode you will learn:
How did Michael make his way into the world of SaaS and then start Acceleprise in SF?
How can founders know when is the right time to ship product? Does Michael agree with Reid Hoffman, “If you are not embarrassed by your V1, it is too late?” How should startups look to establish a pricing mechanism at such an early stage?
What are Mike’s thoughts on freemium? Mike has said founders can charge more than they think. Why does he think this and how can founders know when they have reached their price ceiling?
Do founders need to sell their own product? How should founders approach the sales learning process? What questions should they be asking?
How important is it for a startup to have an ideal customer profile? Should founders be looking for influential customers early or just getting as many dollars in as possible? How impactful can big brands and companies be as customers to early stage companies?

60 Second SaaStr
Scrappiness: good or not as it just simply isn’t scalable?
Most common challenge for Mike’s companies?
Fave SaaS reading material?
Entrepreneur optimism: Let it run or be wary?

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