Welcome to Episode 75! David Thompson is CMO at Domo, the company that allows customers to turn data into opportunities. David is a highly accomplished branding expert and recognized leader in demand generation, having served as longtime CMO of WebEx, where he named the company, helped create the cloud-based conferencing category and positioned the company for its IPO and subsequent buyout by Cisco. He also co-founded and served as chief executive officer of Genius.com, a leading SaaS marketing automation company, and he launched the Sales 2.0 Conference.david_thompson

In today’s episode you will learn:
How did David make his way into the world of tech and SaaS pre-bubble? How did the bubble affect how David approached company building going forward?
What should all SaaS startups consider pre spending big on marketing? What should their core gating factors be?
Is it always right to have an internal marketing team?
What are the must haves and the nice to haves in B2B marketing?
Why is Facebook a must have for business branding today?
How can businesses accurately measure the success of their marketing and branding efforts? Is it all about revenue or are there external reputation metrics to consider?
On the whole, would David consider successful B2B branding closer to consumer or closer to enterprise marketing? What do the best in the enterprise class do?

60 Second SaaStr
What are David’s favorite marketing tools?
If David could recommend one book to SaaS founders what would it be?
With the martech explosion: are we entering a world of consolidation?

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