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Welcome to Episode 105! Nadim Hossain is the Founder and CEO of BrightFunnel, the startup that shows marketing’s true impact on revenue. They are backed by many past guests of the show including Matt Garratt @ Salesforce Ventures, Tim Kopp, and James Cham @ Bloomberg Beta. Prior to founding BrightFunnel, Nadim was VP of Marketing and Sales Development at PowerReviews, paving the way to a $170M exit. He was also a product marketing executive at Salesforce.com during their hyper-growth years.

Nadim HossainIn today’s episode you will learn:

  • How did Nadim make his way into the world of SaaS and come to found BrightFunnel?
  • To what extent is marketing an art or a science in today’s data driven world? How can marketers use and analyze data to drive decision making?
  • How can founders determine which channels are a must have as opposed to a nice to have? What metrics should determine this? Does brand building not count in the revenue driven world today?
  • Nadim has previously said, “marketing is eating sales.” What does Nadim mean by this? How does Nadim evaluate the expansion of the marketing funnel?
  • What are the biggest mistakes B2B companies make in today’s environment? How can they rectify this and sustain a brand that will deliver for the long term?

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