Welcome to Episode 121! Lauren Vaccarello is VP of Marketing at Box, one of the leading enterprise B2B brands today. At Box, Lauren leads a 50 person team that involves demand generation, global campaigns, events and more. Prior to Box, Lauren was VP of Marketing @ Adroll, where she built and scaled a 25 person global marketing team from the ground up. If that were not enough, Lauren is also the Co-Author of “The Retargeting Playbook” and “Complete B2B Online Marketing.”

In today’s episode you will learn:

* How does Lauren view the relationship between sales and marketing? Why does Lauren believe the ARR pipeline is not just the responsibility of the sales team?

* Why is lead nurturing not just about email? What are the other core components to ensure successful progression of leads through the funnel?

* How does Lauren view successful lead segmentation? Why does Lauren like to segment leads into 3 distinct buckets? How does this strategy play out at different ends of the market?

* What is the role of marketing post-purchase? How has Lauren seen this change since the early days of her career? How does this differ when comparing SMB to enterprise?

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